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Wooden Boat Restoration

The building and restoration of antique wooden boats is arguably a dying art. Master builder Jim Cameron can assist by restoring your wooden boats utilizing traditional methods — with care and attention to their original form and function.

A turn-of-the-century wooden boat

"In the 36 years of my passion with these fast, sleek and very unique rowing craft, I have repaired, restored and refurbished more antique models than I can count. Many times the boats would come to me with broken ribs and rotted out planking. Sometimes the paint or varnish would be peeled away to leave bare, dry wood — a very serious condition for wooden boats that need to be in or near water for their health." Jim Cameron, 1997

We will be happy to discuss the possible restoration of your Adirondack guideboats or other wooden boats.

Please contact us by telephone at (518) 327-3470 or by email Inquiries welcome.

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